So many ideas, so little time!

I keep getting so many great ideas (and some not so great ideas) for stories that I just want to write them all this year and put them out. Obviously, not the best option in this career. I need to pace myself. I need to make sure that I’m not rushing myself to get these out. I have been sitting down and writing out the ideas that I have and then kind of plotting out some events that I know I want to happen, which helps me remember everything. As far as putting books out, I am feeling pretty great about it this year. I have three more books that I would like to have out by the end of the year, but I am not setting official dates because again, I want them to be good quality and not just me throwing books out there. That’s not what being an author is about to me. I want my readers to have something good to read! I want each next book to be better than the last. I WANT constructive criticism if someone doesn’t like it, but in a polite way. I want to be able to take that criticism and put it towards all of the next stories that I write. If I skip ahead and things are missing, well, in my next book, it’s not going to be that way if I can help it. If the conversation is too forced sounding, in my next book, I’m going to try to stop that too. Do you see where I’m going with this? I just want to better myself as a writer so that I can give you, as a reader, something you would deem worth reading. Something you would want to tell your friends about because reading and sharing books is a huge deal to me. I love to read and when I find books that I absolutely love, I want to tell everyone about it! Anyway, my spiel is over for the day. I just felt the need to digress a little bit! 🙂 Have a great day!


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