Hooters and Writing…

So I just ordered wings from Hooters. I really hope they are as good as everyone puts on.  I need some yummy food before writing. I’m sitting in a hotel room with no distractions so there should be no reason why I don’t get a good amount of wordage done.

Yesterday was getting pretty frustrating. I hated that I couldn’t get anything done and it didn’t make it any easier that some guy was not so subtly trying to flirt with me. After hearing me talk about having a boyfriend. I don’t understand people sometimes. But it gets annoying when he would try to talk to me and I was nice but I was also very short with him. Then, when the people sitting close to me got up and left, he stood up and moved everything from his table he was sitting at to the table closer to me. Lucky for me, the boyfriend texted me right then telling me he was getting off work and I got to leave finally. People can be very rude and inconsiderate sometimes. I had my laptop right in front of me so why try talking to someone you can obviously tell is busy?!

Anyway, I’ll keep you guys posted. I’m going to go pick up my food and bring it back to my room, and hopefully I get at least 2/3k words done today. Preferably more because I haven’t done any writing really in a while. Cross your fingers.


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